Thursday, August 10, 2017

Managing Details | Consultancy

One of the most valued aspect of a property consultancy firm is the maintainance of relationships developed with stakeholders and to make a point of nurturing these relationships. The main key when providing a full or partial property-consulting service is your involvement in the project which ranges from sourcing suitable development sites to arranging local authority approvals, managing the professional team or providing a complete project management service. Property consultant have to understand the complexities and challenges of the construction industry in order to be successful in overcoming the risks faced by clients and infrastructure providers. With years of experience under my belt, I have gained confident when coming to delivering projects on time, saving money and assuring clients of a high quality product.

All projects start with a schedule or some basic milestone dates and meeting these dates is the simple, strategic goal of any project. Keeping the project on that schedule and hitting each and every milestone along the way is the hard part. Keeping a job on track is not that difficult; however, a project planner must make certain weekly and daily processes second nature in order to consistently achieve success. Sounds simple, right? If this process is so straightforward, then why do so many projects run into problems? This is a great question, and the answer might surprise you. One problem is most training courses on scheduling typically focus on strategy because it's difficult for an instituion of higher learning to charge large fees for a class to teach its student how to manage details, it's far flashier for these institutions to make a course, give a speech, or write a book about the big-picture, strategic issues. Although strategy is obviously important, the devil really is in the details when it comes to project management. If you pay closer attention to details, you can almost guarantee improved performance on future projects. As a property consultant, I learned that even the grandest construction projects can depend on the smallest of components for success, it's therefore important to visualize a systematic approach.

Finding the right property consultant, one who will save money and provide the benefits of returns-on-investment which requires a little more understanding of property cost of ownership. As a property consultant, I have acquired specialized knowledge in some facet of the security industry and I also work with vendors while providing intergrated project planning services. Security is made up of hundreds of individual disciplines, all of which must fit carefully together like pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle. Unfortunately, no one can be an expert in all of the related topics. My services include planning perimeter fences, exterior access control, emergency planning, end-user training, video surveillance, logical access control, intrusion detection, systems integration, key management, building door and window hardware, and environmental design, commissioning and installation. Some projects require a team to ensure the proper depth of knowledge in each critical subject area. When putting together a team, Consultants with great breadth of knowledge are valuable in seeing the overall picture, identifying all of the puzzle pieces and figuring the best way to fit them together. Consultants with depth of knowledge may be better at providing specifications for specific electronic hardware that will best fit the property requirements and compatibility needs. Therefore, Finding a specialist with relatively good general security knowledge can be a real plus. Not all property consultants offer these advantages, but they are all possible when the right consultant is selected.