Monday, November 14, 2016

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The drafting office is composed of draftsman. Sometimes a large company, will place the new engineers in the drafting office for a year to get an understanding of the industry standards. Drafting was all about standards. The drafting office is then responsible for creating the drawings and making sure they are correct and meet universal and company standards. Much of the design will be done by a one or a few draftsmen under the supervision of a lead engineer.

Drafting is responsible for releasing completely defined and checked drawings to manufacturing. This is a standard process that may be composed of many drawings that made up the assembly. The drawing is then taken around for review and approval by specific engineering groups, such as manufacturing, materials and stress analysis. The title block had all of the basic information of the drawing. The drawing name and number and space for approval signatures. It also included the unless otherwise specified information, such as tolerances, view orientation and used on. When the title block is signed off the engineering is complete and it is handed to Documan Couriers who create the blue prints and delivered it to the relevant authorities and/or groups like purchasing, manufacturing or out to suppliers for bids plus the blueprint centers. Then the originals will be stored in vaults or storage. Yes, actual vaults.

Documan Couriers basically conducts admin functions that would take the drawing bundle and create the prints, as blue prints or microfiche and deliver to the appropriate areas making the available to all of the other relevant departments such as purchasing, tech pubs and other engineering groups. Documan Couriers like Drafting or design institutions is associated with but separate from engineering services. In future, Documan Couriers will become part of engineering included in the PLM system, but only handling drawings which are standard deliverables from engineering. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is an information management system that can integrate data, processes, business systems and, ultimately, people in an extended enterprise. PLM software is used to automate the management of product-related data and integrate the data with other business processes such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES). PLM handles the native CAD data as standard deliverables and data inside engineering including documents to deliver outside engineering which will be separate and handled by different groups.

In a drafting office, Purchasing is the department that would deliver the drawings to manufacturing, in-house or outside suppliers for quotes. Purchasing would keep track of the revisions and where the parts were used. The drawings would include used on information. Many times one drawing would have many different configurations for the different products defined as dash numbers. Due to the way the Pro/e paradigm is set up which have to handle referenced external parts. While this may be advantageous for conceptual design it is a horror show for final released projects and to be used as deliverables. They should be in one single file where all information is available without resorting to the convoluted native file system. The responsible group gets the rejection tag and assigned it back to a draftsman. Why a draftsman? The drafting office is the most familiar with the design and documentation of the product. The draftsman investigates the problem and working with the lead engineer and creates a fix.

Sometimes engineering is not present at assembly or a building site. When there is a part that doesn’t fit or the assembly instructions are vague, etc. There would normally be a liaison engineer or inspector that instantly handles the problem with a temporary fix. Nothing should hold up the assembly line or building construction. Inspector or liaison engineer will write up a rejection tag describing the problem and the fix which Documan Couriers sends to the responsible group. The original drawing can be difficult to change every time there is a small error and is very time consuming. It is very important to get that change as fast as possible..... many time engineers complain about the drawing not being done correctly without giving the draftsman the complete assembly. In the past engineers would give prints of the design layouts to the draftsman for detailing, so they could see the relationships of the parts.