Friday, July 8, 2016

Documan Couriers | Services

Documan consulting currently provides service in three provinces within South Africa. The agency plans on providing its customer with continuity in database and application management whilst developing an online/cloud facility which will provide customers with real time confirmations and access to property documentation. This is all done through the use of a state of the art Computer-aided dispatching, scheduling and document management system which Documan is currently being tested (beta phase) in order for Documan to continually improving upon ensuring that the experience is seamless and hassle free. 

Documan has also partnered with courier services with the primary requirement for the operators to have a vehicle with insurance, an office with a working system and a driver with a clean driving record including certain licensing requirements for both the vehicle and the driver........Now, this presents an opportunity for Documan to expand it's operations but the key to success is to provide an unmatched customer service. As a growing business, Documan will work on short notice for the services required if there is availability, but preference will generally be given for work with on the reservation system. When a client calls up in advance, Documan schedules a pick-up time through its platform and then contacts the client or send an email to confirm the status update and/or delivery of the required documents. For the service to work, Documan worked on making it less expensive than the current competition and also more convenient than using a normal counter-to-counter courier. Documan has also incorporated a 3-in-1 business solution through partnerships which involves delivery of documents, document filling/lodging service, document packaging that enables the operators to run a small but profitable business at a location of their choice. Documan will be working on the ISO 9001 accreditation in partnership with operators in which the assessor/auditor will check that they are working to the requirements of Quality Management Systems and the ISO 9001 Standard on which Documan will provide the necessary training. This is different business model, because of the believe in building of independent small businesses, in which there is no continued relationship required by the partner.