Documan Consulting is an energy consultancy agency within building and construction industry. By combining years of insight obtained from architects,engineers, design professionals and other professions with technological innovation, this agency addresses a key pain point effectively. Professional firms have a large number of documents across multiple projects. Many of these undergo multipleiterations as the project progresses and it is critical that the latest, updated drawing or document is the one that is used. DocuMan™ has a well-developed robust methodology for professional firms. DocuMan™ involves seamless energy management techniques which ensures a high degree of adoption which contributes to the success of the project. Efficient energy management of the latest and correct design drawings and documents helps client maintain a high degree of client satisfaction and profitability. DocuMan™ brings high degrees of efficiencies to each aspect of the operations of an energy project.

Documan Consulting provides scalable solutions ensuring that no challenge is too big or too small to tackle as consultants or field service technicians within the environmental and energy sectors. The focus is on infrastructure management and as consultants, the primary interest is the interaction between energy and the environment. Documan Consutling is committed to improving operation and efficiency of new and existing offices, plants, factories and workshops both for energy generation, power delivery and effluent and waste management through the development and deployment of clean energy such as renewables. The mission includes the optimisation of designs to ensure that the operation can use less energy and material to achieve the required results.


Monday, June 13, 2016

Partnership Program | Courier

Documan is working with independent couriers (called the contractor) with over 5 year(s) of previous work experience in logistics. The contractors are responsible for the manner and means of securing the end result of the provision of delivery services under an independent contractors agreement with Documan Consulting in order to ensure safe methods in conducting pickups and delivery services. Documan is also responsible for the day to day supervision of route based the required deliveries. Other responsibilities of the contractors include: Preparing courier vehicles for loading and preparing their routes, monitoring driver performance thorough out the day, ensuring drivers have successfully completed the scheduled routes as they return, and communicate accordingly to client's request. The contractor works in partnership with Documan to ensure maximum efficiency. It is important that the contractor have the ability to handle multi-tasking and accurately recall information.


When coming to skills, operators must use their vehicles within designated locations according to daily assignments to pick up and deliver e.g. drawings plans, medical records, inter-office documents, pharmaceutical material, standard stock, non-stock, office supplies, and other materials to ensure timely delivery and pick-up; loads and unloads material at specified locations; ensures that the vehicle is locked and secure when unattended; maintain schedule logs and delivery documentation; and obtains and verifies appropriate and legible signature/stamps on documents, slips and/or receipts. Contractors are required to make in-town/city pick-ups and deliveries as requested by Documan. They also need to perform and document standard service requirements on their vehicle logbooks which includes: fuel consumption records, checking oil levels, transmission and brake fluid levels, checking air in tires and keeping vehicle clean inside and outside. Contractors must notify Documan of required maintenance and repairs which might affect pickups and delivery including changing of flat tires when on route, as needed.

Mamphake Mabule
Project Planner | Documan Consulting

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