Friday, May 13, 2016

Recycling Project | Enviromental

Documan Consulting is promoting an industry-first recycling initiative that encourages property owner/developer to recycle. The initiative also include its partners who use plastic when raping courier packs which could be recycled instead of throwing them away. This initiative has been recognised as innovative in delivering a range of sustainable product initiatives including the eco-range courier bags, low micron plastic, and courier bag recycling service. These offerings all help partners to reduce their impact on the environment. Documan is going a long way to make it easy for contractor, property owners/developers to recycle, with proceeds from the recycling to be used for the development of recycling projects......

It feels like all around the province, big news is unfolding. as we look at pictures by Alet Pretorius of the recycling depot in Braamfontein, Johannesburg where pickers take material they collect during the week from around Johannesburg. These guys walk extreme distances in difficult circumstance’s (traffic, extreme weather, rude people) to get material and to transport it to the depot to earn some money.......South African economies is grappling with the miserable rigors of structural adjustment which presents opportunities to young entrepreneurs starting new ventures.

 These recycling merchants have become the symbol of the rise and fall and rise again of South Africa’s commercial cities. Why not join them and become part of an inner-city renaissance when heeding the call to recycle our waste. For across town jobs, our couriers continue to be the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally sustainable way of getting your urgent documents delivered around the inner city.