Monday, January 11, 2016

Print Production | Enviromental

More than 50 trillion pages are printed worldwide today using production print technology – only 2% of which is printed digitally. The opportunities for digital printing, and the benefits are enormous. Documan consulting through its environmental assessments is helping clients manage their office printing and imaging environments. Documan provided solutions in environmental services and capabilities that offer a truly integrated planning approach. Documan delivers even more services across all document production environments which can all be done onsite or offsite, locally.

The Print Materials, Production and Delivery (PMPD) is a large contributor to air pollution given the large size of the printing industry, and the extraordinary volume of chemicals it consumes, it is not surprising that it also generates a significant amount of pollution. Gaseous emissions have been identified as the second greatest pollution problem (after effluent quality) for the industry – and these are largely generated in printing. Speculation concerning the amounts and types of air pollutants emitted from print operations has been widespread but, generally, air emission data for manufacturing operations are not readily available. Air pollution is the most difficult type of pollution to sample, test, and quantify in an audit. Our environmental assessment service cover the following functions, namely: Dispatching, Planning & Coordination of Print Material, Production & Document Press. Documan Consulting aims is to assist clients reduce their enviromental impact in print, packaging and disseminating of all print materials while adhering to the specification agreed upon, and conforming to the quality as expected from industry.
Mamphake Mabule
Project Planner | Documan Consulting
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