Thursday, February 19, 2015

Application Management | Consulting

Documan Consulting is efficient in application management services which includes technical document sourcing, wayleave permits in road and stormwater infrastructure, as well as water, sanitation & all other applications. The agency works with some of the best architects, engineers, and many builders, property developers, and a significant number of private property owners. The agency was founded by myself as an experienced draughtsman and project manager who has exposure in the process of building control and town planning, including development of proposals in a form of a simple building plans or a more delicate procedure of changing land use rights by means of a consent or rezoning in order to facilitate the re-development of a parcels of land.
As a consulting agency, Documan sympathizes particularly with those who are unaware of the naunces and the pitfalls to be encountered when trying to get grips with the various pieces of the legislation that govern the use of the land and buildings. Documan consulting offers services which assist clients through the system of building control and town planning in order to shed some light on the process that is not always easy to understand. Your indulgence is required, however, in that while I am a project planning practioner with some legal and technical background, I am not a legal expert.

Mamphake Mabule
Project Planner | Documan Consulting